Butter Chicken

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Tandoori seasoned chicken with a lightly spiced tangy cream sauce. All of our gourmet meals are infused with cannabis oil.
Golden Rules for Medical Marijuana Edibles:

  • Go Low and Go Slow
  • Never Mix Edibles with Alcohol or Medication
  • Do Not Drive or Operate Machinery
  • Keep away from Children and Pets
  • Never Serve Medicated Foods without Their Consent

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High (THC: 28.92mg), Low (THC: 17.29mg), Medium (THC: 22.84)


1 review for Butter Chicken

  1. Rated 1 out of 5


    To be honest, first thought: “risky”, Indian food by UPS. I love risky so I did it! I order my 1st edible Meal. The package was pretty good but defrosted so I had to eat it the same day especially during this season. Lord that was delicious !!! ( I’m french and really picky for my food) The taste was really remarkable for a frozen food. My delivery was so quick ( 2 days – Ontario).
    So after about 30 Min THC break, I was so high the type of high I never had since high school. I felt so good, start laughing for no reason. Went to bed At 8 pm ( really early for me ) and woke up so fresh this morning !! I had to write a review!!!! Will order again

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